15-Hour Series

Prenatal Class - Swaddling Baby
Birth is a normal, natural, healthy process that profoundly affects women and their families.  Discover the difference in-depth, comprehensive, evidence-based classes can make in your childbirth experience. As you grow in confidence you will feel relaxed and empowered, knowing your body is preparing and designed for birth.

Designed for first time parents, this series consists of 6 two-hour 20 minute weekly evening classes, including a hospital tour.  Using interactive, hands-on curriculum, some of the topics covered include:  normal pregnancy, labour, comfort measures, breastfeeding, and mother and baby care in the first four to six weeks after Baby’s birth.  Common medical interventions and variations will also be discussed.


Topics will be covered in a variety of ways and using a variety of media.

An inventory of class needs will be taken at the beginning of the first class.


Topics include:

  • The anatomy and physiology of birth
  • The process of labour
  • Emotions of labour
  • Birth in our culture
  • Birth memories and satisfaction
  • Pain theories
  • Physiology of pain in labour
  • Comfort measures
  • Movement and positioning for birth
  • Supporting the woman in labour
  • Birth planning- yes or no?
  • Defining your ideal birth
  • Informed decision making
  • The six care practices that promote normal birth
  • Medical procedures and interventions
  • The newborn at birth
  • Newborn needs, appearance, and capabilities
  • Physical care and safety for your newborn
  • Breastfeeding, bonding and attachment
  • Parenting styles
  • Postpartum mother care
  • Postpartum adjustment disorders
  • Community resources for new parents

Instructor Wendy Muir and her back-ups, Pam Watland and Tracy Armstrong – create a warm and inviting learning environment for expectant parents where questions are welcomed and friends will be made!

Cost for this 15 hour course is $138.00 – $150.00, depending on the location, for mother and one support person.

Due to space considerations, please confirm number of attendees prior to the class.  We may not be able to accommodate more than 2 support people per pregnant woman.


To register, or for more information please contact Wendy Muir by email or phone at 250-768-2562, or cell: 250-801-5004, email: Wendy@smallwonders.com or fill out the Contact Information, thank you.