Is childbirth amazing or what?

Every birth I attend and even the ones I read about add to my awe at how wonderfully this process works.  So, with all the researching and reading I do, I finally decided to write about the highlights so that my clients and colleagues can also benefit from all the intriguing and interesting info that is coming available.  Over and over research supports that natural labour, left to unfold on its own, is best for baby and mom, with interventions only sometimes needed.

As my first example, there is more and more research out there explaining why it is better to delay clamping the umbilical cord for at least a minute or until it has stopped pulsing.  Some of the articles will be added shortly, others such as this research outlines the many benefits to baby.  If you are willing to spend the time, you will be absolutely blessed by a youtube video of a Grand Rounds presentation by Dr Nicholas Fogelson  on delayed cord clamping.

Dr Fogelson likens early cord clamping to the history of episiotomies and wonders “why delayed cord clamping has not become the standard already; why by and large we have not heeded the literature.”

Check it out, your baby will be glad you did!

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Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.